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Ambulatory Management Solutions

Past and Present

The vision for Ambulatory Management Solutions (AMS) was conceived in 2007 when Mobile Anesthesiologists brought back-end business services in-house to meet the growing demands of the clinical practice. Those services included: revenue cycle, procurement and supply chain management, primary source verification and credentialing, payer contracting, marketing business development, financial leadership, and strategic oversight.

In 2011, AMS was spun off from Mobile Anesthesiologists and became an independent management services organization. Led by Chief Executive Officer, Scott Mayer, AMS was charged to lead and support the growth, expansion, and financial well-being of the Mobile model both regionally and nationally.

Mobile’s turnkey anesthesia service required an innovative, sustainable financial model to support the nationally recognized, gold-standard clinical model it had become known for. The challenge was honoring the vision and philosophy of Mobile’s founder of a comprehensive clinical model built to optimize patient care and client experience and making it a sustainable business model. To achieve this, the business team needed to focus on maximizing insurance reimbursement, controlling costs, and handling all of the administrative support so the clinical model could thrive on quality, safety, and service. The business and clinical partnership, coined “biznical” by Mr. Mayer, became the foundation of the organization and propelled the company to new heights.

AMS has assisted multiple Mobile affiliates and other office-based anesthesia groups to launch and grow their practices nationally. These groups remain part of AMS’s client base today. AMS continues to build around its unmatched infrastructure and expertise in this space to ensure that Mobile Anesthesiologists and its other clients continue to be the market leaders in service, quality, experience, and outcomes.

Our Future

After several years of growth both on the client and staffing fronts, Mobile Anesthesiologists and Ambulatory Management Solutions officially united as one company in 2017 with Scott Mayer serving as the CEO of the merged companies. This inextricably forged the “biznical” marriage that had developed over the previous decade and continues to be at the forefront of our future. Mobile and AMS look forward to the significant opportunities on the horizon while also growing regionally and nationally as one as it becomes the largest office-based anesthesia and perioperative service in the country. This team continues to be committed and proud of what the office-based surgical setting can offer patients, physicians, and the community.

We look forward to working with or caring for you soon.
— The Mobile and AMS Family

About Mobile Anesthesiologists

We have been focused on value-based healthcare since we started and continue to evolve the outpatient anesthesia model and the services we provide to meet the needs of this unique and ever-changing environment.