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AMS is the leading, patient-centered integrated solution provider in the outpatient healthcare setting. We overcome the impossible by leading and developing organizations that impact people’s lives by creating positive experiences.

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Our experience is rooted in the outpatient anesthesia world, but our expertise is in overcoming the impossible. The nature of healthcare is that it is constantly and continuously changing, which means there is a lot of opportunity for those making smart, forward-thinking decisions. We integrate seamlessly with your team while advancing your practice so as to become a leader in our ever-evolving industry.

Outpatient Anesthesia

AMS helped create a safe, effective, and profitable office-based anesthesia model that has been replicated throughout the country.

We have been focused on

value-based healthcare

since our founding and continue to evolve the outpatient anesthesia model and the services we provide.

Independent Physicians

AMS' comprehensive office-based surgical solution has helped to drive significant growth of outpatient surgery and ease the burden associated with outpatient surgery on independent physicians.

AMS partners with leading health systems and independent physician groups across many specialties to develop and lead their office-based and outpatient practices.

Health & Wellness

By investing in the overall health & wellness of your patients, AMS has proven to reduce healthcare costs while growing patient satisfaction.

This begins well before problems become evident and require additional care. AMS has initiated several innovative ideas in this domain, including tele-health/e-health options that expand access to knowledgeable providers and education programs for patients about preventative care measures.



“Practice management” is an overused phrase in healthcare. Though AMS technically does provide practice management services, our suite of services goes above and beyond general practice management. Our expert staff operates as problem solvers who efficiently and effectively deliver custom office-based surgical solutions while forging one-on-one relationships with your staff.

Revenue Cycle Management

Unlock Revenue

AMS’ skilled billing team focuses exclusively on outpatient billing and can unlock additional revenue sources that other billing companies aren’t able to. Our clients realize up to 50% more revenue through our ancillary billing model.

Clinical Oversight

Enhance Process

AMS’ clinical staff—which includes physicians, nurses, and former hospital/ASC executives — enhances every aspect of the clinical process, including scheduling, clinical flow, recruiting/training/managing staff, etc.


Affordable Pricing

Through AMS’ top-tier GPO and local contract pricing for all your equipment, supply, and drug needs, our clients enjoy pricing similar to hospitals and ASCs.

Business Development

Grow your Business

AMS’ in-house lead generation process targets your geographic area and specialty. Our experienced team manages the sales process from initial contact through your first day of procedures and beyond.


Maximize Exposure

Website development, customized marketing materials, trade show support, and more - all designed to maximize your exposure to potential clients/patients.


Manage Risk

AMS’ credentialing team helps manage your risk through primary source verification, NPDB checks, AMA/OIG profiles, malpractices loss histories, and hospital privileges verification. We have extensive experience with AAAHC, AAAASF, & TJC standards.

Strategic Planning

Think Forward

AMS’ team provides tools and resources (goal-planning sessions, accountability mechanisms, leadership development and coaching) that require you to think about the future of your practice and help you create a plan to make that a reality.

Financial Oversight

Minimize Expenses

AMS’ finance/accounting team performs deep dives into the financials of your practice, with easy-to-understand reporting, to uncover ways to minimize expenses and maximize profit.

Problem Solvers

Additional Services

If a problem requires specific expertise, we can not only help connect you with the right people, but liaise with them so you can focus on your practice. We work with legal counsel, accountants, insurance agents, etc.

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Saved Per Outpatient Procedure
% 2
Patient Satisfaction

We are incredibly proud of the results we have helped our clients achieve. By providing innovative ways to perform surgical procedures safely in outpatient settings, our clients have helped reduce healthcare costs by $120 million since 1997, all while achieving a 97% patient satisfaction rating of “excellent”.

1. Average savings per procedure when a procedure is moved from an inpatient to an outpatient/office-based setting.
2. From January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, 97% of respondents to patient satisfaction surveys rated their overall experience as “Excellent”.



AMS exists because we care about positively impacting people’s lives by giving good people opportunities to be successful. Our core values drive our decision-making process each and every day:



We have relentless dedication and the perseverance to push forward in spite of any obstacle. Stubbornness with a purpose.



In everything we do, we endeavor to do it better than it’s ever been done before. We look not where others are, but where we want to be, and we succeed where others have given up.



We possess the courage to stand in the moment, in the face of the delinquent, while they process their deficiency.



We are intentional in our actions and all decisions are made with the greater good of the organization in mind. We aspire to reach the three bars of integrity: Honesty, Doing as we say, Saying as we think.



We strive to be highly functional at: Observing our environment; orienting our resources to best capitalize on current circumstances while positioning ourselves for future opportunities; deciding on appropriate measures in a timely fashion; acting and executing to the best of our capabilities.

Meet Our


Scott Mayer
Chief Executive Officer

Scott Mayer is the Chief Executive Officer of AMS, a role he has held since the company was formed in 2011. Prior to founding AMS, Scott served as the Chief Financial Officer and Practice Administrator for Mobile Anesthesiologists. Scott received a BA in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.

Josh Gantz
Chief Financial Officer

Josh Gantz is the Chief Financial Officer of AMS, a role he has had since AMS’ founding in 2011. Prior to AMS, Josh was an associate at M3 Capital Partners, a real estate investment banking and private equity firm. He received a BS in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Heather Fallon, RN
Chief Clinical Officer

Heather Fallon is the Chief Clinical Officer of AMS. Heather has worked in different capacities within AMS since 2013. Prior to AMS, Heather worked with Mobile Anesthesiologists for six years in different nursing roles including the Director of Clinical Operations. Heather’s nursing career also includes work at Rush University Medical Center and travel nursing for four years. She received a BS in nursing from Purdue University.

Tina Mentz
Chief Operating Officer

Tina Mentz is the Chief Operating Office of AMS. She joined AMS in 2014 and brings with her 20 years experience working in the ambulatory healthcare setting. Prior to AMS, Tina served in the roles of Executive Director of a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center, Administrator of a 40-provider multi-specialty medical group, and Director of Billing Operations for a medical billing company. Tina was the founding partner of a healthcare consulting firm and is actively involved in the startup healthcare technology space. She received a BA in English and Business from Concordia University.

Janet Barrie
President, Revenue Cycle Management

Janet Barrie is the President of the Revenue Cycle Division of AMS. Janet joined AMS in 2011. Prior to AMS, Janet was responsible for running a successful billing company that was later acquired by AMS. Janet also worked with Mobile Anesthesiologists in several different administrative positions and has been actively involved in working in school associations and fundraising.

Ajay Patel
VP of Technology

Ajay Patel is the VP of Technology of AMS. Prior to joining AMS in 2013, Ajay held various sales and engineering positions in the manufacturing industry for almost 10 years with Robert Bosch Corporation, Sigmatron International, and GE. Ajay received a BS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

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